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Environmental Planning & Development

Planning & Development

Envirotech offers a comprehensive suite of environmental services tailored to the oil and gas industry and beyond. From navigating regulatory requirements to mitigating environmental risks, we are a trusted partner for businesses seeking permitting, compliance, and risk management solutions. Businesses can rely on us for clear, actionable environmental assessments that help them navigate complex regulatory landscapes and achieve their sustainability goals.


Phase I 

Environmental Site Assessments

The goal of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is to thoroughly and clearly delineate environmental risks associated with a property. Our ESA process adheres to ASTM guidelines and can be tailored with additional measures to meet any specific requirements.
The ESA includes four key components:
Record Review – Examination of accessible records, including pertinent state and local agency documents.
Site Reconnaissance – Visual and physical inspection of the property and adjacent areas.
Interviews – Detailed discussions with the primary site manager, key occupants, and local agency representatives.
Report – Comprehensive documentation that concludes with clear opinions on the


Phase II 

Environmental Subsurface Investigations

Phase II Environmental Subsurface Investigations, Comprehensive Site Assessments, and Baseline Site Assessments are essential for providing critical environmental quality information that informs business decisions. At EnviroTech, we offer these services to help clients evaluate assets and reduce liabilities.
Our expertise allows us to distinguish between significant and insignificant contamination levels. We work closely with our clients to customize the scope of our investigations, ensuring that we focus on areas of genuine concern and avoid unnecessary expenditure on issues with minimal impact. This tailored approach helps our clients allocate their resources efficiently, optimizing both time and budget.


Air Quality Impact Assessments (AQIA) and Indirect Source Reviews (ISR)

Air Quality Impact Assessments (AQIA) evaluate the environmental impact of a project by calculating construction and operational emissions, and by using dispersion modeling to predict ground-level concentrations of pollutants at nearby sensitive receptors like homes, schools, and businesses. These assessments can demonstrate through a screening process that further detailed analysis may not be necessary if mitigated emissions are projected to be less significant.
The Indirect Source Review (ISR) rule requires residential, commercial, and industrial developers to mitigate the air quality impacts of their large projects, which contribute to pollution through increased vehicle traffic and other activities such as landscape maintenance and fuel combustion. EnviroTech supports developers in implementing effective on-site mitigation measures and integrating air-friendly designs and practices to minimize pollution from these new developments.



Oil and Gas Ordinance Permitting


Conditional Use Permits


Fugitive Dust Control Plans


California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Documentation (Initial Study & Noise Assessment)

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