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Founded in 1995, EnviroTech Consultants, Inc. brings together a team of expert environmental professionals in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley. With deep expertise in local, state, and federal regulatory frameworks, we are dedicated to providing professional, timely, and cost-effective solutions to help our clients successfully meet complex regulatory challenges.

About Envirotech Contulting Services

About Us

Our Team

Scott Faulkenburg


Scott has over 20 years experience with regulatory compliance.  With his finance background, he has overseen the development and implementation of many large projects both nationally and 

During his career, Scott has led internal process audits to be submitted to 
governmental agencies such as EPA, SEC, IRS, DOL, and various state agencies.  He has also 
developed and given safety training covering 
workplace safety, first response, and elevated 
workplace requirements.

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Jennifer Prosser

Chief Financial Officer, VP

Jennifer has over 10 years of experience in a variety of environmental compliance and regulatory issues related to various industries including Waste Discharge Requirement Applications, Underground Injection Control (UIC) Class I and Class II Permits, Aquifer Exemption Applications, Storm Water Pollution Prevention, Phase I environmental site 
assessment, air quality permitting and compliance, and SPCC Plans.

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Nick Diercks

Vice President

Nick has been with EnviroTech Consultants since 2008. Nick brings organizational skills and discipline as an officer in the U.S. Navy to our clients. Nick’s experience includes air permitting and compliance for oil and gas production, natural gas liquids processing, refining and marketing, and manufacturing facilities. Nick has conducted biological surveys, GHG verifications, and GHG reporting.

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Carly Miser

Secretary, VP

Carly has over 10 years of experience in a variety of environmental compliance and regulatory issues related to various industries including soil and groundwater sampling, Storm Water Pollution Prevention, Phase I environmental site assessment, air quality permitting and compliance, Waste Discharge Requirement (WDR) Permits, SPCC Plans and Hazardous Materials Business Plans.

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Lets Work Together

Our Vision

Inspiring excellence in environmental consulting, delivering tailored solutions to meet diverse client needs and regulatory requirements with precision and expertise.



We uphold the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our work, fostering trust and transparency with our clients, partners, and stakeholders. Our commitment to integrity ensures that we deliver reliable and unbiased environmental solutions.



We embrace creativity and forward-thinking approaches to problem-solving, continuously seeking new and effective ways to address environmental challenges. Through innovation, we strive to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive positive change and sustainable outcomes.



We are dedicated to excellence in everything we do, setting high standards for quality, professionalism, and client satisfaction. Through a commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver outcomes that make a meaningful difference in the world.



We value collaboration and teamwork, recognizing that the most effective solutions are often achieved through diverse perspectives and collective effort. By fostering collaboration internally and with our clients and partners, we enhance our ability to address complex environmental issues comprehensively.

Our Values

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