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Hazardous Materials Consulting

Hazardous Materials

Envirotech specializes in ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and mitigating risks to both the community and the environment stemming from industrial operations. Our team is well-equipped to conduct hazardous waste inspections and manage reporting obligations, including record-keeping (such as manifests) and oversight of storage containers (including satellite and accumulation areas). Clients rely on us to navigate the ever-changing landscape of electronic reporting mandated by agencies like CalEPA, DTSC, EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Program, and others as they transition to digital platforms.


California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)

The California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) is a statewide web-based system to support California Unified Program Agencies (CUPAs) in electronically collecting and reporting various hazardous material-related data as mandated by Section 25404 (e)(2-5) of the California Health and Safety Code and 2008 Legislation (AB 2286).


Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBPs)

A Hazardous Material Business Plan (HMBP) is a document containing detailed information on the inventory of hazardous materials at a facility, emergency response plans, and procedures in the event of a reportable release or threatened release of a hazardous material.


Hazardous Materials


Inventory of hazardous materials, which meets local, State, and Federal reporting requirements, as well as Employee right-to-Know communications requirements, proper handling procedures for hazardous materials and waste.


Toxics Release

Inventory (TRI)

TRI tracks the waste management of certain toxic chemicals that pose a threat to human health and the environment. TRI includes information on releases, waste transfers, and recycling pollution prevention.


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