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Geology Environmental Services


Envirotech offers comprehensive geologic services tailored to our clients' needs. With a team that includes Registered Professional Geologists and experienced staff proficient in diverse geologic investigations, we deliver support for federal, state, and local permitting requirements.

Aquifer Exemption Applications

Produced Water Pond Compliance & Closure

CEQA documents

Senate Bill (SB) 4 Permitting and Groundwater Monitoring Plans

Class I UIC Permit

Soil and Groundwater Investigation & Remediation

Class II UIC Permits; Water Disposal, Steam flood, Water flood

Soil Vapor Extraction and Monitoring

Oil & Gas Development

Solid Waste Management Plans

Waste Discharge Requirements (WDRs)




Tasked with defining a reservoir for underground storage of wastewater from oil field operations. The team conducted extensive research into the area's stratigraphy and structure, utilizing well logs, core data, mud logs, and driller's logs to identify potential reservoirs. This work supported the creation of a comprehensive geologic package including cross-sectional, structural, and net sand isopach maps, essential for the UIC project.


For a pilot water flood project, EnviroTech provided a geologic analysis of the client’s leasehold to identify a suitable area. The team produced detailed cross sections (strike and dip) that structurally characterized the leasehold. Using data from core analyses, reservoir parameters were defined, leading to the selection of a pilot area, the drafting of a geological report, and the submission of the UIC application to the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources.


Supported a steam flood expansion project through geological services, correlating confining shales and production sands across detailed cross sections. The team’s expertise in structure contouring and net sand isopach mapping facilitated a robust interpretation of reservoir capacity and stratigraphic concerns. A geological report was produced, and the application was successfully submitted to DOGGR.
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